In the spring of 2017, Ell Duclos found herself in a lonely position. She had started a blog covering lifestyle, beauty, and motivation, but found the blogging journey to be a lone endeavour. That’s when it occurred to her — she needed to develop an online community of bloggers!

Today, that community, famously known as the Boss Girl Bloggers Facebook group is an engaged circle of 36,813 members.

Wondering how Ell grew her group with like-minded people while also working full-time as a server? To dig into Ell’s growth formula, I reached out to her and had a chat about…

The truth about content ideas is that they’re fireflies. Showing up only at selected times and is tough to capture sometimes.

A good idea, for example, can pop into your mind in the middle of an employee performance meeting. Or, as is so typical of ideas: when you’re heading to bed.

With capturing content ideas in your mind being so tough, how can you collaborate on ideas in your agency? Tough question, right? Perhaps you’re even struggling with bringing your distributed team together to share their content ideas. …

Social media has disrupted several areas of business such as sales, marketing, advertising, real estate, and more. People jump to social media when they’re curious about something. No wonder influencers get so much engagement on social media when they ask about something. We all have asked social media things we want to know.

Have you had a chance to read the Yelp review of a restaurant before dine-in or to watch a review on YouTube before buying the product? …

So you’ve identified the social channels where your ideal audience hangs out, created accounts — complete with all the brand profile details, and are ready to start posting.

But, hang on: what are you going to post? How often are you going to post? And, how do you plan to engage your audience?

You need a social media plan to answer all this and more. So, in this post, we’ll show you how to create a social media content plan in ten simple steps. …

LinkedIn is perhaps the most underrated social media platform that provides you with everything that any major social media platform has to offer. Some companies and influencers are finally able to see LinkedIn as more than a recruitment platform. Whereas, the majority of us haven’t figured it out yet. Learn how you can use LinkedIn content Strategy to increase your LinkedIn reach.

We all have seen how Facebook organic reach went south, and now some of us are looking at Instagram to dominate, and others are finding new areas to tap on for attention. Off the top of my head…

Wondering which brands are crushing it with their memes on Instagram? Chances are you’re looking for some social media meme inspiration. Or you want to study how to create memes that go viral. Perhaps, you just want to have a good laugh with funny memes (who really doesn’t want that!).

Whatever the case may be, you’re in the right place. Because in this post, we’ll walk you through 7 brands on Instagram that are doing meme marketing right. But that’s not all. …

37.8 million users are the estimated number of influencers currently across the globe. With the ongoing pandemic, in-store purchases have nearly been diminished and what was a very skeptical platform previously, is now a driving method for marketing: Influencers.

Companies endorse or sponsor influencers to promote their products and services with their viewers, or Influencer marketing. With influencer marketing on the rise, corporations are seeking to adapt to the dynamic evolutions in this industry.

Therefore, we have compiled for you a list of the most impactful predictions for the years 2021 and 2022 along with the latest trends in the…

Looking to grow views on your YouTube videos? With YouTube having a pool of 2.3 billion users and video marketing on the rise, your quest for more views is an excellent one. However, simply creating good video content won’t help get most youtube views.

Instead, you’ll need to actively promote your videos alongside taking other steps to multiply your Youtube views.

Ready to put in the work? We’ve got 11 proven tips to grow YouTube video views. Each of these is, however, based on YouTube SEO in some way. We also talked to the team over at Visme to learn…

Did you know that over 1.16 billion people around the world use Instagram!

That’s a lot of target audience that your brand can reach!

But how can you make data-driven decisions to increase your engagement rate, reach, and traffic?

By figuring out how Instagram Algorithm works — and making out the most of it!

So here’s the tea: Instagram wants to make sure the posts users see are the best ones perfectly suited for them.

Before Instagram ditched the Chronological feed in 2016, users were missing out on 70% of the posts, and 50% of the posts from their family…

How long have you been thinking to start a Facebook community group or a Discord community?

You might be wondering, how does this guy know about this? Well, I have been there. I wanted to create and start a Facebook group around my authority blog forever.

The chances are, some of you own e-commerce stores, SAAS companies, and digital marketing agencies. That’s why establishing a community of fans seems an integral part of your social media marketing strategy.

Don’t worry because you’ll check the box of creating a Facebook group on your to-do list real soon. Since I have been…


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